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Contractor Growth Network

Sep 14, 2020

Setting goals is necessary for the success of any business, but what you do when you hit your goals matters even more. You can either stay complacent and comfortable or you can push yourself to do even better—because hey—you didn’t hit that first goal by doing nothing, so why not keep going? 


In this episode, we talk about…

  • A common way business owners self-sabotage sales goals 
  • Only about 4% of small businesses hit the million dollar milestone 
  • Working smarter not harder to increase revenue 
  • Your floor is the sales number you can’t go below
  • Why your goal and your floor can’t be the same number 
  • Get comfortable with success; use it as the norm and maintain it 
  • Hope is not a strategy—take action and take charge with your goals 
  • How you can still make 2020 a great year and 2021 even better 


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