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Contractor Growth Network

May 13, 2019

Today in the studio, the fellas are talking about why Facebook is still such an untapped resource in the contracting community. Many have tried it but become frustrated from the lack of likes and engagement that their hard-earned money is going towards. Don’t become so frustrated! Remember that it is a business. Facebook has changed over the years but it is still a great place to advertise and pull in business. There are many different aspects of successful Facebook navigation, so stay tuned to hear about how to really make your posts organic. Don’t waste your money or time posting a bad ad!

In this episode, we talk about…

  • How Facebook has hurt businesses
  • Financial meaning behind pay for likes
  • Important traits for your Facebook posts to make sure they are successful
  • Why the average user uses Facebook
  • Characteristics of a good Facebook business page
  • Benefits of joining like-minded Facebook groups
  • Why you should love Facebook Live
  • Where a lot of people go wrong when posting advertisements
  • Boosts Boosts Boosts

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