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Contractor Growth Network

Sep 1, 2023

In this podcast discussion, the focus centers on the relationship between SEO and user experience. While some individuals seek only SEO solutions, it's emphasized that a well-designed and user-friendly website is essential for effective SEO results. The analogy of a salesperson with no successful sales despite numerous calls is used to highlight the importance of a website's structure and content.

The conversation delves into indicators suggesting a website's issues might extend beyond SEO. These include the inability to generate leads despite SEO efforts, content not ranking or engaging users, and a website's visual inadequacy compared to competitors. A user-friendly website is described as one with clear language, intuitive navigation, and engaging visuals and videos. It's portrayed as a digital storefront or resume, serving as the foundation for a business's online presence.

Content creation is emphasized as a pivotal factor for SEO success. Quality, engagement, and addressing user queries are prioritized over content length. Both SEO and social media platforms assess user engagement to determine content quality and relevance. The overarching advice revolves around creating valuable, engaging content that caters to users' needs while also adhering to SEO best practices.