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Contractor Growth Network

Sep 26, 2019

By being everywhere, you can reach everyone. The goal of your marketing should be to inform as many people as possible about who you are and what you do. Every person buys differently and for that reason, you need to reach different people in different ways. Logan is here today to tell you how to get your business everywhere online. Don’t pigeonhole yourself to one type of customer by only utilizing one marketing tool. Listen to Logan. This stuff works!

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Exploring the concept of breaking up
  • Why you need to be omnipresent (everywhere)
  • Building trust by getting in front of people over and over
  • Creating an effective yet simple billboard
  • Utilizing different types of social media and why it’s huge
  • Having a website that sells your product/service and you
  • Thinking about where your potential customers are going online
  • Making content that gives value to the people
  • How promoting through influencers can make your business explode
  • Retargeting customers so that they continue to see your brand


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