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Sep 30, 2019

If you were going to get a new car, would you buy it off the internet, or would you want to go take it for a test drive? There are certain aspects of very high-priced that make it hard to get the signature in a one-step process. This is where hosting marketing events comes in handy. These events allow your potential clients to test drive their project and others to actually experience these brand new kitchens/ponds/etc. from an outside perspective. Logan and Alex are going to tell you why you should be doing events like this and how to actually do it. 

In this episode, we talk about…

  • What makes articles and blogs show up in Google
  • Establishing yourself as an authority that is trustworthy
  • Looking at reviews so that you can know your value to your customers
  • Where the new homeowner frustration comes from
  • Using social media for means other than to generate leads
  • Showing customers what to expect during the event
  • Expanding your immediate reach on social media
  • Getting customer information for marketing purposes down the road
  • Up-sale opportunities when it comes to customer comparison
  • Reasons that you should be doing these events
  • The power of the follow-up
  • Understanding how important it is to build relationships over time


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