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Nov 18, 2019

In the animal kingdom, there lies a singular truth. There is strength in numbers, and that’s exactly where the idea of social proof comes from. What is social proof? It’s exactly what it sounds like, proof amongst the community that you know what you are doing and can get the job done. Today, Logan and Alex are talking all about the social proof gained through testimonials and reviews and how you as a contractor can leverage this social proof to build trust with prospects and customers.

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Defining social proof and how it affects customers
  • Breaking down the 6 different types of social proofs
  • Establishing yourself as an expert when compared to your customer base
  • Using celebrity testaments to promote legitimacy
  • Individual user testimonials to make the product relatable
  • Differentiating between the wisdom of a friend and wisdom of a crowd
  • Presenting certifications in order to establish your expertise
  • Importance of adding video and written testimonials to your website
  • Utilizing company statistics based work history and reviews
  • Leveraging past customers’ experiences to overcome objections
  • Adding accountability alongside the wisdom of a friend
  • Purchasing out of necessity vs. purchasing out of luxury


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