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Contractor Growth Network

Jan 20, 2020

Having a successful contracting business, no matter your niche, is all about the ability to build trust with prospects and turn them into life-long customers. A great way to do just that is to speak at seminars, but those are vastly under-utilized. Logan’s guest today, Bryan Sebring, actually sold $400K worth of projects by using seminars to build trust with large amounts of people. Bryan owns Sebring Design Builds, a successful home contracting business located in Naperville, Illinois. Today, Bryan is going to tell you all about the successful processes that he has implemented in his company and how he pulls in a massive amount of new business from seminars. 


In this episode, we talk about…

  • Rebranding from services to design and build
  • Changing your processes as the size of your company changes
  • The importance of having someone or something to compare yourself to
  • New challenges brought about when you change your processes
  • Conducting educational seminars to address frequently asked questions
  • Promotions that lead to high turnout for seminars
  • Adapting to new avenues for contacting and communicating with leads
  • Surrounding yourself with partners that are opposite of you
  • Demographics that normally attend the seminars
  • Aiming to assist with your seminar content
  • Making yourself the authority in your field of work


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