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Jan 27, 2020

As humans, we are all unique in our own way, but at the same time, we all essentially buy in the same way. That being said, contractors get so frizzled with their own sales and marketing process that they end up throwing a wrench in peoples’ buying processes. Today, Logan and Alex are going to walk you through some scenarios to show you how selling and marketing in the same fashion that you buy will help skyrocket your sales. Your true competition is not so much the other contractors but anything else that the customer car could buy for the same money. So, stick to the basics and make it easy on both of you!


In this episode, we talk about…

  • From beginning to end when it comes to buying a new car
  • How you need to build a high-end brand
  • Continuously getting in front of customers to play the long game
  • Utilizing multiple mediums to push more content
  • Finding a vehicle to stay top of mind for a long time
  • Tapping into customers’ desired emotions with your content
  • Marketing and selling at a lower price point
  • Dealing with first-time homeowners
  • Talking to the homeowner as the person who sets the price
  • Avoiding salt in the wound when conversing with the customer


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