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Contractor Growth Network

Apr 16, 2020

Just because the world is moving in the wrong direction doesn’t mean that you can’t move in the right one! It’s okay to be scared, but there is opportunity in times like these. Logan is going to walk you through what you should do as we inevitably head for a recession. So ask yourself, are you going to run out of the building with the crowd, or run into the building in search of a great opportunity?


In this episode, we talk about…

  • How Logan’s dad grew his business during the 2008 housing crisis
  • A scarcity vs. an abundance mindset
  • What you should be doing marketing-wise as we move deeper into this crisis
  • Double down on video marketing now that everyone is at home
  • Your value is where your customers think is valuable
  • This is your time to build, not to run away


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