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Contractor Growth Network

May 25, 2020

Your website is your front end and it’s really what people will base their hiring decision on. If you have a lazy or ugly website, people will write you off no matter how great you are at your craft. Logan and Alex are talking about the 5 things essential to your website to build trust with prospects and capitalize on that trust. Changing one or two things about your website can change your business massively, so, invest in your website because it could determine the future of your company!


In this episode, we talk about…

  • What people want to see when they look at your website
  • You will lose a lot of people if your website is hard to navigate on a phone
  • Make sure the initial gut reaction to your website doesn’t put you in a hole
  • Keep everything very easy to navigate as not to scare off any customers
  • People that want to be guided vs. people that go off on their own
  • Don’t overcomplicate the personalization of your website
  • Can you solve the underlying need that the prospect needs you to solve?
  • Things that make a great customer experience
  • You must include basic website conventions


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