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Contractor Growth Network

Jun 29, 2020

99% of contractors try to sell on the wrong emotion and that’s why their business becomes stuck in the same place. They focus on the wrong parts of the sale and end up losing the sale. Why sell on communication when your client cares about speed and efficiency? Logan and Alex are here today to tell you how to find the right emotion when selling. It’s vital to understand the client’s motivation so that you don’t waste your time selling on the wrong emotion!


In this episode, we talk about…

  • Reasons why people buy expensive products
  • Understand what people focus on when they are looking to buy
  • You’re doomed from the beginning if you are selling on the wrong thing
  • Find out why the client is getting the renovation done
  • Focusing on the pain that the customer is experiencing
  • Switch your experience into how they care
  • Business owners make the mistake of making it about themselves
  • It’s easier to sell work that you’ve already done


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