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Contractor Growth Network

Oct 19, 2020

Transitioning from the military into civilian life is a tough step for many veterans. But with the right direction, those transitioned leadership skills can make a great impact. Logan’s guest today is Chris Livingston, CGN’s Sales Specialist and first line of defense. Logan and Chris met each other at a blacklight party in college. After college, Chris enlisted in the Army, and after his military tenure, he went through the tough transition that most veterans do!


In this episode, we talk about…

  • 30,000-foot overview of Chris’s journey through the military and after
  • Going from the military to Qdoba management
  • Comparing styles of leadership between the military and civilian employment
  • Babysitting employees is different than giving expectations
  • How a sales role has filled Chris’s desire to grow as a leader
  • The biggest transition into the sales industry
  • Learning to handle the inevitable rejection that comes with sales
  • Don’t forget the customer service piece that is involved with cold calling
  • There are 4 main pieces to running a business
  • What a lot of people fall victim to when growing their business
  • Consistency is incredibly important because effects are delayed


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