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Contractor Growth Network

Feb 28, 2022

How do you eliminate price objections? The man himself, Steve Shinholser, joins the podcast today to explain how he did this in his pond business and the steps to make that happen for your business.


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Feb 21, 2022

The Victim and Helpless Mentalities are just theories and psychology mumbo jumbo... until it starts to affect your business and then your family. That's when it becomes real. 

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Feb 13, 2022

Tj's back for a 1-month update on how his new company, Charlotte Backyard Ponds, is doing, and what steps he's making while he's continuing to chase the first real job.


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Feb 7, 2022

Why do you wake up each day? Why do you continue to push? Why do clients ACTUALLY want to hire you?  Today we're deep diving into CGN's why in an effort to show you how you can find your own. And with that, the monumental impact that follows.

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