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Contractor Growth Network

Nov 7, 2022

Welcome to Ask Brien, the show with the answers to all your business questions! On today’s episode, Brien and Traci welcome in Logan Shinholser from Contractor Growth Network who discusses how his company helps contractors grow their business digitally. Simply put, Contractor Growth Network helps contractors looking to attract more business to their company to be the part, look the part, and attract the part. With an emphasis on digital visibility and attracting qualified leads, CGN helps contractors to increase revenues and improve margins.

In today’s world, most potential clients will have their first interaction with your business online. That means your customers’ first impression of your company is your website, reviews, and social media presence.

“We focus on helping contractors build their own brand,” Logan said. “What we are focused on is do your own thing, because at some point if you want to get away from Angie or HomeAdvisor, you’re going to lose a lot of that brand equity that you had built with them.”

Listen to the entire episode here as Peter and Traci discuss the importance of branding your business with Logan!


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