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Contractor Growth Network

Nov 21, 2022

In the world of sales, the ability to build relationships will decide whether your business will prosper over the long term or sink like the Titanic. Today, John Ruhlin is walking Logan through his book, Giftology, and all things gifting for clients. The simple truth is that if you can take care of the family in your business, everything else will work itself out. Imagine if your ideal client thought of you every day for the next ten years. What would that be worth to you?

In this episode, we talk about…

  • John’s journey to where he is right now
  • How gifting made John Cutco’s number 1 seller of all time
  • Getting people into the mindset that gifting is a lifestyle, not a weapon
  • Negative branding by sending the wrong gift
  • Justifying an incredibly high gifting bill
  • Making your gift representative of the value of your relationship
  • Learning to acknowledge the value of others’ time
  • Importance of how you gift vs. what you gift
  • Making a huge impact with a smaller budget

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