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Contractor Growth Network

Jan 6, 2023


Are you having trouble finding and retaining top talent in the construction industry? Look no further than the latest episode of the Contractor Growth Network podcast. Host Logan Shinholser is joined by Benji Carlson, of Breakthrough Academy, to discuss the current state of hiring in the construction space.

During their conversation, Logan and Benji discuss common challenges that construction companies face when it comes to hiring and retaining employees. They offer practical tips and strategies for attracting and retaining top talent.

The pair also delve into the importance of understanding your company's growth trajectory and knowing when it's time to hire for specific positions. They discuss the various factors to consider when determining what position to hire for next.

In addition to all of this, Logan and Benji discuss the impact of the new era of contracting on the industry and how companies can adapt to stay competitive in a rapidly changing market.

Tune in for valuable insights and practical tips on navigating the world of hiring in the construction space.