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Contractor Growth Network

Sep 8, 2023

Logan Shinholser is joined by Tim Brown, owner of Hook Agency, to discuss the impact of AI on marketing agencies and the future of marketing. They touch upon the fear and excitement surrounding AI's role in their industries and how it's changing the landscape.

The conversation delves into various AI tools and applications they use or have come across in their work. They discuss Mid Journey on Discord, a bot that generates images based on descriptions, and the potential it offers for content creation.

They also mention the changing landscape of AI tools, emphasizing the need for adaptability in the face of rapidly evolving technology. Photoshop's newer beta version is highlighted as an example of AI-enhanced image editing capabilities.

The main topics explored in the podcast include AI's impact on content creation, SEO, and generative search. Google's shift towards rewarding high-quality content regardless of its AI involvement is discussed, and they emphasize the importance of human curation to avoid AI-generated content feeling robotic.

The conversation further explores the idea of using AI to analyze and extract valuable information from client reviews, aiding in content creation and improving services based on client feedback.

Overall, the discussion revolves around the ways AI is transforming the marketing industry, raising the standards for content creation, and how agencies like Hook Agency are adapting to these changes.