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Contractor Growth Network

May 3, 2024

In this episode, Logan Shinholser is joined by Aly Romano, the Director of Website Development at CGN. Aly, who also spearheads client relations, shares her philosophy on creating exceptional client experiences that go beyond the ordinary.

Drawing from her rich background in customer service, Aly emphasizes the importance of personal connections and genuine relationships in fostering client satisfaction. She reveals her approach to starting conversations by prioritizing clients' well-being, setting the tone for a journey of growth and collaboration.

Aly delves into her experiences in the restaurant industry and her professional evolution within CGN, highlighting her commitment to continuous learning and improvement. Her adeptness at handling challenges with grace underscores her dedication to delivering outstanding service consistently.

Logan commends Aly's unwavering dedication and resilience in the face of obstacles. He applauds her proactive attitude towards problem-solving, aligning with CGN's overarching goal of providing exceptional client service. Aly's passion for creating meaningful experiences extends beyond the workplace, reflecting a genuine desire to positively impact lives.

Tune in to discover how Aly Romano's commitment to personal impact and genuine relationships is shaping exceptional client experiences at Contractor Growth Network, setting a standard for excellence in client services.


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