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Contractor Growth Network

Jul 29, 2019

Somebody just submitted a lead online. Now what? So many contractors out there have absolutely no idea what to do when someone calls in to inquire about their services. Logan and Wayne are here to talk all about sales and lead follow-up. We live in the age of rapid technology development, which is great in many ways, but also means telemarketer bots are more frequent. People are more jaded over the phone than ever, so knowing how to effectively communicate with a sales lead over the phone is vital to the success of your business. Stay tuned to hear what 99% of contractors don’t know about lead follow-ups!

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Answering the phone in an effective manner
  • Making a good first impression right off the bat
  • Importance of having an inclusive voicemail
  • Benefits of being young in regard to bringing the energy
  • Hiring correctly to support your weak spots
  • Reasons to put your office admin through sales training
  • Biggest fears that customers have when talking to contractors
  • Making it pleasant for people to work with you
  • Avoiding assumptions because they probably aren’t correct
  • Answering and asking the tough questions


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