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Contractor Growth Network

Jun 17, 2019

The boys are at it again in this episode to tell you why your picture and video marketing are not having the effect that you hoped for. Spoiler alert, it is user error. If you are not yet taking a stupid amount of pictures and videos to promote your contracting business, you are doing it wrong. Contracting is a visual industry and if you really love what you do, it is an art form. Nothing builds trust or shows that you know what you are doing more than visual proof of your work. There is no need to run out to someone’s house every time when you can just use the power of your iPhone! Get over your fear of failure and start utilizing visual marketing to send your business into the stratosphere.

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Directing people to your page to save needless travel time
  • Hardest piece when it comes to selling with videos and pictures
  • Setting times to make sure you always take photos and videos
  • How to properly utilize your phone to take pictures
  • When and where to snap pictures and record footage
  • Leveraging media correctly after taking photos and videos
  • Where to post your pics and videos
  • Staying active to eliminate friction

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