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Apr 20, 2020

Clearly, we are in unprecedented times, but that doesn’t mean the bills stop. Now, more than ever, marketing for your business is incredibly important to bring in the bacon. Video marketing is vital to the survival of your business while the world is in a standstill, and when it comes to video marketing, one platform is king. Logan and Alex are walking you through YouTube and everything that goes into making videos. It’s good to put out good content to figure out what works, but that doesn’t mean people will view it. Learn how to do it right!


In this episode, we talk about…

  • Putting out good content doesn’t necessarily mean people are going to watch it
  • Make your website personal to your clients by including YouTube videos
  • Every video you make will live forever
  • Common thumbnail items that will get people to stop and read the title
  • Make the title about what the video is about, or else
  • Crafting a description that captures hooks the viewer in for a watch
  • You want your videos to search for these words
  • Watch time is the most important metric that YouTube goes off of
  • How important is your subscriber number?
  • Focus on who your YouTube channel is for and how to help them
  • Get the content out there before you worry about the stats


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