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Contractor Growth Network

Dec 1, 2023


Today, we have a special guest joining us, a true master of high-stakes negotiation, Chris Voss. With a remarkable background as a former FBI hostage negotiator, Chris has faced intense scenarios that most of us can only imagine, including the Chase Manhattan Bank robbery standoff. His skillful negotiation tactics secured peaceful resolutions in these life-or-death situations.

Chris is also the acclaimed author of 'Never Split The Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It.' In this book, he distills his extensive negotiation expertise into essential strategies that can be applied in both business and everyday life. Through his global teaching and consulting, Chris empowers companies with the art of negotiation by delving deep into human psychology and strategic communication.

In this episode, we dive into the mind of the negotiator who has reshaped how the business world approaches high-stakes discussions. We explore topics such as:

  • What should the mindset be around negotiation?
  • Uncovering the myths surrounding negotiating.
  • The intriguing concept of the space between "yes" and "no."
  • Differentiating between compromise and high-value trades.
  • The intriguing notion of being the "favorite of the fool."
  • Strategies for navigating high-emotion negotiations, especially in family-owned businesses.
  • Chris's vision for the new era of negotiation.

If you're eager to enhance your negotiation skills and want to learn from a true expert, don't miss Chris Voss speaking at the New Era of Contracting Summit on January 24th!