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Contractor Growth Network

Oct 28, 2019

People want to buy but who knows how long that is going to take them? Well, that’s exactly what Logan and Alex are tackling in today’s episode. As the salesperson, your goal is to put them on your timeline so that they are buying on your terms. One of the best ways to do this is to have an effective promotional offer. If you’re like most people, the term, “promotional offer,” probably makes you cringe because no one likes to be sold. Worry not though. At the end of the day, everybody likes a deal. If used correctly, you as a contractor can efficiently incentivize your prospects into buying right now on your terms. Stay tuned to help skyrocket your sales!

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Sources of negativity that surround promotional offers
  • Getting into people’s homes during the holiday season
  • Incentivizing step 1 of your sales process
  • Constantly changing your promotional offer to keep interests levels high
  • Why promotional offers are necessary
  • Starting the conversation heavily so they choose you when the time is right
  • Giving deals that run for repeat users
  • What makes a good offer vs. what makes a bad offer
  • Doing what you need to get them to close right now
  • Figuring out an effective promotional offer that makes sense for you


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