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Contractor Growth Network

Dec 30, 2022


Dan Antontelli has helped hundred of contractors redefine their brand. Whether it be vehichle wraps, a new company name and logo, and more!

Dan is the go-to guy when it comes to branding for your contracting business. 

Dan is one of our...

Dec 23, 2022

Today on the podcast Logan is joined by Chris Corney, Owner of Simmons Landscape and Irrigation in Western Ohio!

Chris' story is awesome. He bought a family owned business that was around for decades and has slowly transformed it into a growing force. 


Chris bought into the CGN systems, jumped in on the social...

Dec 19, 2022

On today's episode Logan Shinholser is joined by Chris Livingston of CGN to discuss how to set up your business for any economy. 

It's no secret that today's economy is a little shaky. We're seeing it on our end too. 


Here are some ways to bulletproof your business for any economy

1. Where are you overspending?


Dec 16, 2022

Today on the podcast, Logan Shinholser sits down with CGNs's social media guru Mike Kyle to discuss Mike's three rules to create faster social media content. 


Mike has been serving as CGN's head of social media for almost 2 years and now is even teaching our clients about social media through our weekly coaching...

Dec 12, 2022

Logan Shinholser is joined by his dad Steve Shinholser to discuss 3 business must-haves for your contracting business in 2023!

1. A great company name - does your company name make you appear professional? Is there a way to leverage a name to your benefit in a world of SEO and Google? 

2. An awesome logo that clearly...