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Contractor Growth Network

May 28, 2020

You decide to go into business for yourself and bam, you aren’t making the money that you were hoping for when you left your cozy job. There’s a great chance that you are stuck in the Craftsman Cycle. Like a crazy person, it seems that most people stuck in the Craftsman Cycle have no idea that they’re in it until it hits them in the face. Don’t wait until you get to the asylum to realize you’re insane. Get out of the Craftsman Cycle!


In this episode, we talk about…

  • The 4 phases of the Craftsman Cycle
  • What happens when you do top-quality work for low prices
  • How to break out of the Craftsman Cycle
  • Guessing your numbers is not going to solve the problem
  • This is unique to contractors because they are expected to work for free


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