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Contractor Growth Network

Dec 15, 2020

Like most business owners, contracts have trouble gauging the interest of their prospects. One of the best ways to gain clarity is to use micro-commitments, those being, asking a small favor of your prospects. Something as small as asking your clients to fill out a survey is a micro-commitment. Logan and Chris are talking about this high-level strategy that will either get people to invest in you more or weed out the tire kickers!


In this episode, we talk about…

  • Breaking down micro-commitments and some examples
  • Differentiating between micro-commitments and the foot-in-the-door
  • What micro-commitment gives to the contractor
  • Why contractors get caught up with people that aren’t the right fit
  • Trouble follows if you choose not to pre-qualify
  • Putting your family in the back seat
  • Processes give contractors many new opportunities
  • How to become a leader that people trust enough to make micro-commitments
  • Chris’s first-ever sales call that wasn’t worth the time


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