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Contractor Growth Network

Mar 22, 2024


Today we talk to Nick Schiffer, the visionary behind NS Builders and a titan in the realm of social media within the home building industry. With a following of over 300,000 across various platforms, Nick has leveraged his expertise and passion for craftsmanship to become a leading figure in sharing valuable insights, project showcases, and invaluable tips for both enthusiasts and fellow contractors.

Join us as we explore the origins of NS Builders and the man himself, Nick Schiffer. Discover how his commitment to intentionality and high-quality craftsmanship became the cornerstone of his brand and how these values have guided the evolution of NS Builders. We delve into the strategic decisions behind focusing on brand development and the pivotal moments that marked the growth of his business.

Furthermore, Nick discusses common pitfalls contractors and home builders face in their social media strategies and how to build a brand that lasts. 

This episode offers a rare glimpse into the mind of a creative entrepreneur who has successfully merged craftsmanship with digital savvy to build a powerful brand in the home-building space