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Contractor Growth Network

Apr 1, 2019

Today we’re talking with Chris Livingston all about leadership, owning your stuff, and having a purpose. Chris is in the military so he has a hell of a lot of experience with leadership and the training side of things. We’re going to share with you the secrets in regard to 3 things that true leaders practice. Those would be how to be a good leader, how to set your team up for success and what is your “why”? Stay tuned as we dive into using leadership to grow!

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Chris’s story
  • Characteristics that true leaders possess
  • Why robotic leadership is toxic in so many ways
  • Differences between fault and responsibility
  • Setting your team up with the ability to maneuver
  • Dynamic leadership in order to produce great leadership under us
  • Being in a leadership role compared to being a leader
  • Importance of cross training
  • Small wins and what they mean on the road to success
  • Work performance counseling
  • Decision making based on purpose
  • One big takeaway for the future

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